AvocadoXL drone racing frame

meet the Avocado XL

the only racing drone with a tuned center of gravity and internal swappable battery

It's a little different

I designed the AvocadoXL as an experiment to get the center of gravity and moment of inertia right smack dab in the middle of the prop line.

To do that I had to figure out how to place that battery in such a way to help it push that CG right where I needed it. A couple benefits of that placement is added battery protection and flight characteristics that are normally dampened by larger amounts of inertia stemming from a top or bottom heavy quad.

If that sounds interesting to you, why not give this frame a try?

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About the designer

me and my baby, if you can guess the location of this photo, you get 20% off your order.
Patrick Forringer

I've been flying drones for almost two years and designing and building my own for the last year. Originally from upstate New York, I moved down to Tulsa Oklahoma for my wife around 10 years ago. We currently hang out here in Tulsa with our three-year-old daughter, pet cat Rika, dog Pete.

When not helping run the races at the local MuliGP chapter, Tulsa Drone Racers, I'm found flying freestyle nearby my house, working on my 3D printer or Open source OX CNC router and designing drone frames.

Over the last year, I've been experimenting with different frame designs that I feel haven't been explored in the wider community. Rotor Widgets will allow to me explore these designs further and sell them to you! That is of course if you're interested!

I'm pretty easy to contact, feel free to email me or hit me up on fpv-chat @destos.

About Rotor Widgets

Rotor Widgets will be my playground for exploring new and interesting racing and freestyle drones and offering them to the public.

I'm very immersed in trying to pull our every little bit of performance or gaining improved flight characteristics with current and upcoming designs.

While doing this, I aim to provide high-quality products that I'll continue to service and provide warranty for.


Motor Diagonal
Prop Size
Dry Weight
350g ?
Average AUW
550g ?
Battery Sizes
37x35mm opening ?
Default Tilt
Session Mount
Yes! at 45°
Custom PDB
Yes! and 5V pololu regulator support
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